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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will you hold stock of  'specials' or unusual items for us to call off?
A. We are happy to work with customers to provide solutions to their problems and are happy to assist to provide solutions which are commercially viable to both parties.
Q. Can you work with us to develop solutions to specific problems?
A. We have a team of specialists who will work with you to provide engineered, machined or other solutions.
Q. Do you deliver mixed products together?
A. Yes, we combine deliveries of timber, doors, panels, flooring and machined products.
Q. Can I get environmentally certified products from Timbmet?
A. Yes, we actively monitor our timber product supply and offer certified timber products including FSC, PEFC, Verified Progress and Verified Legal, plus others. 
Q. Can I use any timber for any use?
A. No, most timbers have a range of uses, it is best to select the right timber for the right job. With over 40 different timbers in stock we should have the right timber to suit your requirements. Use our Timber Specifier which can be found on our Sawn Timber pages or contact our knowledgeable staff who will be pleased to offer advice on what product to use.
Q. Are most hardwoods red in colour?
No, hardwoods come in a wide range of colours, textures and weights; you can see the range of species, their colours and technical information by clicking here.
Q. What do some of the terms in the technical information mean?
A. FAS, Selects and Better and Prime refer to the grade of the Timber, different parts of the world use different grading terms, Timbmet always endeavours to buy the best grade possible.
Square edged and log sawn refer to the way the planks are sawn. Square edged means the planks are sawn with parallel sides, like a rectangle, log sawn the planks will have sloping edges and will be variable in width down the length of the plank.
Kiln dried and air dried refer to the method of drying the timber. Kiln dried means the timber has been placed into an industrial kiln which produces heat and steam to dry the timber.  Air dried is a slower process, where timber is put into ‘stick’, i.e. on each layer of wood a row of sticks are placed, and is left outside to dry.
Q. Can you offer special bespoke products?
A. We can offer a full range of bespoke items, from veneered boards to bespoke machined items.
Q. Can you offer Acoustic products?
A. We offer a range of Acoustic boards or can machine to your requirements.
Q. What machining services do you offer?
A. We offer a wide range of services, such as cut to size, CNC, edge banding, bonding, painting. Most things are possible, so ask us about your special requests.
Q. Can you supply products with fire retardant treatments?
A. Yes, we can apply Fire Retardant paints and lacquers at our Manufacturing centre or work with our partners to fulfill your requirements.
Q. What paint finishes are available for the Primed Carved Panels?
A. Our in-house manufacturing services can produce a painted finish from either the RAL or Pantone colour range. We can also offer the services of a company that can apply a real metal finish to these panels.
Q. What colours are the Sirocco panels available in?
A. The range of foils is extensive. As well as many solid colours, gloss and matt, we are able to match the Egger, Kronospan and Finsa melamine ranges.

Q. Are the Sirocco and Primed Carved Panels suitable for Cupboard/Kitchen doors?
A.  Yes, both the Sirocco and Primed Carved Panels are melamine backed, making them stable enough for doors. Their thickness however means that a ‘Blum’ type hinge cannot be used without first bulking out the panels. We do however offer a ‘mini’ Sirocco board, with a thickness that allows a Blum hinge to be used.
Q. Can the panels be used in a wet environment?
A. As a fully finished product the panels have a fair moisture resistance, but will not withstand constant wetting. We could offer a real metal finish that would allow the boards to be used externally if finished sufficiently.
Q. What fire ratings can be achieved with Timbmet's door products?
A. All products from our Viscount, Blankfort, Halspan and Flamebreak door ranges can achieve FD30 and FD60 fire ratings.  Fire ratings for all of these products are covered by Global Assessments produced by Chiltern International Fire.
Q. Do any of Timbmet's door products offer any sound reduction properties?
A. All of our door products can achieve a sound reduction of at least 29dB Rw when installed into a suitable frame and fitted with suitable acoustic perimeter and threshold seals making our products suitable for use where compliancy with "Building regulations approved document E" is a requirement.  Our Blankfort product can achieve a sound reduction of upto 35 dB Rw.
Q. Can Timbmet supply Viscount doors with vision panel appertures?
A. Yes, we can supply any door from our Viscount range with either a beaded only or fully glazed vision panel apperture which will be installed in accordance with the FD30 or FD60 fire test evidence.  This service is usually on a 7 - 10 working day lead time.
Q. Can the Timbmet flooring range be used over underfloor heating systems?
A. Only our engineered flooring products are suitable for water based underfloor heating systems, these are the Legacy, Greenkett and Silkflor ranges.
Q:Which type of flooring should I use?
A: This depends on the type of subfloor being covered. Please consult the Timbmet Flooring Guide.
Q. Can I lay the floor as soon as the product arrives?
A. No. All hardwood floors should be allowed to ‘acclimatise’ before installation. Please consult installation instructions for acclimatisation recommendations but it is usually for a minimum of a week.
Q. Do all of your products have finger joints on the faces?
A. We carry both products with and without finger joints on the face.
Q. Can I specify a different species that you don't stock?
A. Yes, we can offer ‘specials’ in a number of different species.
Q. Can I buy a different size to what you stock to suit my needs?
A. Yes, we can have any size made for you within reason.
Q. Can I buy these TEC products finished and lacquered?
A. We can offer a full finishing service.

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